Our little store is going to sell the new e sigarett in every color!!

I am so really proud. In a few days my beloved man and mine online store will be open for clients for the first time. I cannot quit smiling! I haven’t slept for days only because I have been so very crazy with anticipation!! But thank god the uninspiring wait is finally over. I really cross my fingers and hope our online store is going to be experiencing some kind of success… I believe I have selected a strong product that for sure is capable of attracting both the young ones and the elder generation…! In our mutual shop people from Denmark can buy an unsual sort of elektronisk sigarett – Aka e sigarett – and also I will be offering the e liquid. In the last couple of years a high amount of humans have begun to love the e sigarett! People have begun to really understand the benefits that come with smoking an elektronisk sigarett. The e sigarett is not nearly as addictive as the regular one…! So slow and steady it becomes ”everyday business” to light up an e sigarett! Definitely at first an extremely high number of people found the elektronisk sigarett oh so strange but today our giant hope is that the e sigarett isn’t so unhip anymore! Normally such thing just take a little bit of time…!

A whole lot of money has been put into this store opening. So of course we very much pray to that a lot of people will fall in love with the elektronisk sigarett – & buy it in my shop… I really think this is the strongest reason I have slept so superficially lately… We have been so completely scared that I will loose everything… This would be terrible of course, not least due to the fact that I have invested all the dollars I have in this business. So it better be resulting in a cash flow. I do not focus on becoming rich – that isn’t something I ever dreamed of…! But I really hope that I can survive! I don’t want to take a job beside my shop. I just want to offer the new yellow elektronisk sigarett to all who is interested… Also due to the fact that this will make me feel oh so good – being aware of that the modern form of e sigarett is so much better for the general health of the smokers. So I know for a fact that I will be bettering a lot of people’s overall health….!

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